Frequently Asked Questions


The public range is open to the public. To shoot at 200-600 yards, a daily pass or a yearly membership is required. A daily pass is $15.00, and a yearly membership is $60.00.

April 1 through October 15
Wednesday through Sunday
12:00 – 2000 (8:00pm)

October 16 through December 23, December 29 through December 31
12:00 – 1700 (5:00pm)

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day 

Safe, functional, conventional firearms that include benchrest, Hi-Power, F-Class and etc. No fully automatic firearms are allowed. Rifles must be caliber less than .50.

Ammunition .50 caliber and over, and incendiary ammunition are NOT allowed. 

Metal gongs at 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 yards. There are target backers for 200,300, and 600 yards. You must bring your own paper target.

The public range is not affected with the competition shot on the 600 yard range. When there is a 1000 yard competition, the range will open after the completion of the competition.

Physical Address

127 White Horse Ln
Philippi, WV 26416

GPS Coordinates
39°07'11.8"N 80°12'54.0"W
(39.119944, -80.215000)

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